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Riverton Talk

This forum is an archive for the mailing list (more options) Messages posted here will be sent to this mailing list.
Riverton Talk list is a list serve (a list serve broadcasts email to all list subscribers) whose purpose is to function as a community bulletin board for Riverton, Wyoming. The list is for use by every member of the Riverton community. Anyone can choose to receive this list and any subscriber can send to the list.


Anyone can join the list, provided they respect the community and abide by the guidelines:

Respect. This list is based on respect, and attacks on individuals are not tolerated.

Flames. Disagreement and debate are acceptable, but flames are not. Flame wars are loosely defined as that which denigrates to personal attacks and insulting language... however, because everyone has differing levels of what is polite, a lot of slack needs to be cut in this area. What is a flame to you might just be a discussion to another. In general, you should never say anything to anyone online that you wouldn't say to their face.

Free speech. Part of a supportive environment is the ability for people of differing opinions to feel safe in expressing them. Please support and respect the right of free speech. This includes opinions that might offend or bother you. As long as an opinion is expressed without flaming (see above), it is valid.

Legal only. No illegal activity, or advertisement for illegal activity, allowed.

Spamming. Please do not abuse the list by posting inappropriate advertisements or announcements about a particular event, service, or issue that does not relate to the list charter or are blatantly commercial in nature. Commercial activity is reserved for sponsors of the list who financially support its existence.  Please do not forward virus alerts or email "chain letters" to the list. Many are hoaxes.

Dealing with problems. Members are encouraged to email the member involved should conflict arise, and not flame or otherwise attack someone on the list regarding their behavior. Should you feel that someone is way out of line, please contact the Listmaster.

Please have a stable email account. If your mail bounces frequently your subscription will be cancelled.

REMEMBER: Basic netiquette rules always apply!
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