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Looking for Room to Rent

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I am looking for a room to rent. I live out of town and work in the Lander / Riverton area. Looking for something mostly for when the weather turns bad and the roads are closed.

This would be an ideal situation for someone that is looking to make a bit of money but does not really want a full time roommate. During the summer I would be staying a couple of times a month, winter might be a bit more, depending on weather. My wife also works in this area as well, so she would be using the room, but less frequently.

About us, we are in our 30's and 40's, don't smoke, pets would not be staying with us, own our home out of the area. If you want to know more we can talk.

For the room I would prefer it furnished but not necessary, will need internet access, don't care about phone or TV. Rent - lets talk, I don't want to go over 350-400 a month though and would like all utilities included. As we wont be there that much it is easier to handle if they are included.

Give me a call if you think you might have something that will work. Matt, 775-691-6593.